Darren Halstead UI / UX / HTML / CSS / Accessibility

I'm Darren

I design stuff, play Pokémon and take pictures.

I’ve spent more than a decade creating and improving interfaces. I’m passionate about delivering a good user experience and I’ve dedicated my career to be the voice of the user. I design, prototype and build front-end experiences, and in the process I’ve had some really cool opportunities (such as running eye tracking tests inside a real Range Rover Sport used as a driving simulator, and moderating a community to help bring an entire organization into a shared understanding of the practice of UX).

I’m also proficient at writing semantic HTML5 and CSS, as well as working toward Web Content Accessibility Guidelines compliant interfaces that work for all users. I’ve also taught short courses on WCAG compliance as well as HTML and CSS for developers, product teams and interested parties.

In my free time I organize Pokémon Organized Play tournaments, teach kids the rules of the card game, and run free play events. Occasionally you can find me judging at a Regional Championship or even the occasional World Championship. I’ve been an avid amateur and semi-professional photographer for half my life, happy to shoot whenever I can.

Want to make some great UIs, run some user tests, or play some cards? Let me know, I’m usually down.

an image of a lantern in Shinagawa, Japan. The text reads Ramen in Katakana.

Some Samples