darren halstead

I do User Experience

User experience cannot exist without data; it is measurable, quantifiable and understandable. User experience specialists must be researchers, data scientists, interaction designers, psychologists; they must be ravenous learners who are driven to discover. User experience happens through the scientific method; we observe, theorize, design and study. Our methods are repeatable; our methods generate results.

I am a design scientist: I observe, theorize, design and test. I study the users, I find the reasons behind their behavior and create the best possible experiences for them. I lead teams to craft experiences that drive customer engagement; experiences that have quantifiable results. I am an advocate for the user, driven to understand what they do and why they do it; using understanding borne from observation to design a better experience, testing my theories through rigorous standards and ensuring the experience presented satisfies the need presented in observation.

Some of the things I do: